Compassionate, Personalized Fertility Care

The team at Center for Reproductive Endocrinology in Dallas, Texas is proud to bring compassionate, personalized fertility care to patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Oklahoma, and Louisiana area. Patients at CRE experience the highest standard of advanced fertility care, paired with exceptional hospitality. Reproductive endocrinologists Dr. Walid Saleh, and Dr. Collins are committed to providing personal attention to every patient who walks through the door.

Why Choose Center for Reproductive Endocrinology for your fertility care and IVF in Dallas, TX?

  1. Compassionate, personalized fertility care: The team at CRE knows that every person has a unique journey toward parenthood that calls for an individualized approach. Following a comprehensive diagnostic workup, your doctor will outline a customized infertility treatment plan based on patients’ specific needs. Our IVF center is a fully accredited 8,000-square-foot facility with an on-site IVF laboratory.
  2. Dr. Saleh, Dr. Collins, the nurses, and the staff are always available; they hold your hand through every step of the process. A clinician is always available when you have a question, no matter what it is.
  3. Even the most difficult cases are welcome – including those that have failed elsewhere. 
  4. Cutting-edge research: CRE Fertility Centers have been responsible for research and breakthroughs that have transformed the field of infertility over the past 30 years. This knowledge is applied to every patient’s infertility treatment to optimize success rates.
  5. You’ll see your doctor for every appointment. Unlike many offices where you see the doctor “on duty” for a given appointment, Dr. Saleh or Dr. Collins will be with you from the first consultation to the last appointment.
  6. We own and operate our own embryology laboratory, located on-site at our Dallas facility. With a full-time onsite HCLD Lab Director, and advanced, up-to-date equipment, we are maximizing the chances for positive embryo development. Being able to coordinate closely with our lab allows us to provide exceptional levels of quality assurance.

We are a non-discriminatory facility and welcome all who seek to create a family. Additionally, as of January 2019, we are a cashless practice. All co-payments and fees must be paid using a credit card at the time of your appointment.