Making the decision to seek fertility treatment can be a large emotional commitment and can seem overwhelming at times. At CRE you will be under the care of reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Walid Saleh who has extensive experience in the field of reproductive medicine and fertility treatments.  Dr. Saleh has a firm commitment to providing the highest level of personal attention to each individual patient’s infertility care and helping them achieve their dream of a family.  In addition to the compassion and expertise that Dr. Saleh provides, we have put the processes in place to make sure that when you are ready to make the commitment, we are here to make the experience the best it can possibly be.

CRE provides skilled and experienced support staff who are available to help you understand the fertility treatment processes as well as your insurance coverage and potential out-of-pocket expenses. We will work closely with your insurance company to best understand how your benefits can be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.  Please be advised that any costs for the consultation and services rendered are the responsibility of the patient at the time of the visit.

To help you best prepare for your first appointment, you will need to complete your new patient paperwork prior to your arrival. Please send the completed forms to as soon as possible, at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.  These forms include very important information about you, our organization, and our policies.  Also, please be sure to bring your photo ID, insurance card, and any prior medical records with you to the appointment. Additionally, CRE is converting to a cashless practice in January 2019. Please be sure to bring a credit card to pay for any fees due upon your visit.