Do you have concerns about your fertility? If you’re a millennial woman, you’re not alone – 2 in 3 millennial women have concerns about their fertility, but few talk about it. But for young women today, many of whom are delaying motherhood for a variety of personal and professional reasons, knowing where they stand with their fertility can help them make informed decisions about their plans for building the family of their dreams.

Here, Dr. Walid Saleh of SIRM Dallas in Dallas, Texas, goes over how women can get a clear picture of their fertility – and how to plan for the future if there are any concerns with the results.

The Information You Need

What does your reproductive health look like? While many women believe that their healthy lifestyles can allow them to achieve and maintain a pregnancy into their 40s, the truth of the matter is that age and family history are some of the biggest indicators of a woman’s fertility. If the women in your family had difficulty achieving or carrying a pregnancy, or if you are an only child, can mean that you may have difficulty building your family as well.

Additionally, fertility testing can help you get the full picture of your reproductive health. These tests allow a fertility specialist to check your uterus for abnormalities, make sure your tubes are open, and check your ovarian reserve – or how many eggs you likely have left (and whether or not it’s high or low compared to others your age).

Rapid Fertility Screenings

At SIRM Dallas, a fertility center in Dallas, Texas, we offer a convenient Rapid Fertility Screening for women and couples. All tests can occur in our office on the same day, with results ready within 48 hours.

Our rapid fertility screenings include the following:

  • Anti Mullerian Hormone Screening (AMH): This allows us to measure your ovarian reserve, letting us know how big your future fertility window may be, and how well your body would likely respond to fertility drugs if you choose to pursue treatment.
  • Hysterosalpingogram: A quick, minimally invasive procedure that allows us to check the shape of your uterus and whether or not your fallopian tubes are open.
  • Semen Analysis: For couples, this is an important exam that will determine male fertility as well (one third of infertility cases are due to male factors).

Elective Egg Freezing

So what can you do if you find out that your ovarian reserve is low and your future fertility window may be small? Thanks to technological advances in egg freezing, women can now choose to freeze their eggs to preserve their future fertility. This will allow you to collect multiple eggs, freeze them, and store them for future use, giving you another option for building your family in the future.

Being aware of your fertility and having the option to plan for your future family is something young women should strongly consider. If you would like to learn more about SIRM Dallas’ Rapid Fertility Screening or about your options for elective egg freezing, contact our team today at 972-566-6686 to schedule an appointment with our fertility specialist.