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Dallas Fertility Center Reviews and Testimonials


Amy Bryan

My husband and I started our journey in Oklahoma and did a ton of research on fertility centers. After talking to Dr. Saleh on the phone we decided he was going to be our doctor, and I will never regret that decision. After 3 IVF cycles we are now pregnant with our first baby. The entire staff at SIRM was always supportive and caring towards us, we consider them a part of our family and we are forever grateful. We will never be able to express our thanks in words but we share our experience with others knowing SIRM will give others the best care they could ask for.


Kendra Marie Winston

Dr. Saleh is awesome to work with! His team of nurses, technicians, and embryologists made us feel as if we were in the best possible hands. After a year and a half at a local doctor with no success and feeling pretty defeated, we looked to Dr. Saleh. He took on our case and made us feel as if we were his only patients. We live 900 miles from the Sher Institute in Dallas so all of our correspondence was via phone and email before our first appt. Everyone, including Dr. Saleh, was prompt in returning email and calls. The final outcome of our cycle were two healthy boys. Had we not had “success” that cycle, I would still HIGHLY recommend anyone go to Dr. Saleh as we believe his expertise and knowledge of the vast issues of infertility were the reason we finally achieved this dream.


Crissy N

My husband and I first found out about Dr. Saleh through attending one of his Infertility seminars at Medical City. We were very impressed with what he had to say and subsequently made an appointment to talk to him back in 2011. Since then we have had two IVF cycles at SIRM Dallas and both times have been a success! We have a 9 month old daughter from our first cycle and just found out we are pregnant again with twins! Dr. Saleh and his staff are absolutely wonderful. Dr. Saleh is a very energetic and optimistic person which makes all the difference in the world for patients who desperately want to have children but have such a difficult time making that dream a reality. I would highly recommend Dr. Saleh and his staff to anyone!

Cara Robertson

After much struggle with infertility, I was able to get pregnant on my first IVF cycle with Dr. Saleh. His expertise and bedside manner were top notch. He was able to diagnose and treat my fertility issue, when my prior RE had not. The staff was consistently available, responsive and supportive. And now….I have a beautiful 3 month old baby boy.



I love DR Saleh… the best of best DR in town and not many DRs will make you feel comfortable and or treat like a family member, but it happens only where DR Saleh is. I am so glad that I found DR Saleh and I have referred many friends to him, who got pregnant with twins and triplets. Best thing is that whenever I needed help to had any question then DR Saleh replied to my email within minutes and that too out of his way. He has no ego and I have never seen him upset whenever I asked questions/ questions and questions. God bless you DR Saleh and You were/R and will always be my only one favorite DR since I been to almost 20 different DRs and that too across US, but I could never find a DR like you.. you are very smart/ knowledgeable/ helpful and considerate.

Lots of love and respect

Rhea and Manish


Rosemary Archer

The second we stepped into Dr. Saleh’s office for our first consulation, my husband and I both had an overwhelming confidence that we WOULD conceive our second child with Dr. Saleh’s help. His vast knowledge was evident from the getgo – he immediately presented an alternate (and ultimately correct) explanation/diagnosis for our 1.5 year long secondary infertility than the one given to us by 2 different obgyns… One precedure later, we’re pregnant! We didn’t end up having to go the IVF route, but if we did, we know that Dr. Saleh would have been successful in that too! Thank you, Sher Institute!


Jeff & Tanya Wales

First thing I’ll say is that I’m very picky with doctors, especially concerning my reproductive health since it’s such an important and private are of my life. Dr. Saleh is probably the best doctor I ever had, and I just wish I could stayed with them throughout my whole pregnancy. I found Dr. Saleh trough extensive google search after I had two miscarriages. The first meeting with him was great, he was patient, knowledgable, and personable. Explained in detail all possible causes of miscarriages and which tests we might need. We completed several tests, and received all lab results really quickly – often same day or the very next day. He started me on Metformin due to my insulin resistance and I was supposed to have Clomid started next month (could’t do it that month due to a cyst), but surprise = we got pregnant that month naturally and so far pregnany is going well! I’m pretty sure medication and supplements Dr. Saleh recommended helped though! Dr. Saleh is genuine, funny, and really feels like he cares about his patients. I wish he was an OBGYN too so I can stay with him for the rest of my pregnancy. Can’t recommend him enough!


Suzann Hays

Dr Saleh, his nurses, and staff were great to work with! I decided to switch to Dr Saleh after a year and half of working with another Dr and we got pregnant on our first IVF. Main reason for the switch is the personal attention we received. You have an assigned nurse so you always know who to call and both the Dr & Nurse make themselves available to by email & after hours incase there is an emergency or question about your medicine. So very thankful to Dr Saleh & Nurse Heather.


Brittany Pearson

We could not say enough good things about Dr. Saleh & the nurses at Sher Institute. We decided to meet with Dr.Saleh after going through multiple rounds of IVF at another fertility clinic. We were frustrated in our infertility journey and things just turned around quickly as soon as we switched doctors. Dr. Saleh and his staff made what used to be such a stressful experience for us, a MUCH better experience AND we are now expecting a new addition to our family after our First transfer here thanks to their help! Dr. Saleh and his nurses all actually care about you and the process and absolutely know what they are doing. Our experience was just 100 times better than the other fertility clinic…with regards to doctor, nurses, staff…and appointments in general! We really could not have found a better doctor and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking!! I don’t think you could find a better one in Dallas area…we couldn’t and just wish we found Dr. Saleh years ago when we started our IVF journey!


Josie Williams

Let me just start out by saying Dr Saleh & his staff are truly amazing!! I was referred to him by my obgyn & boy am I so thankful I was. I have PCOS & had been trying for a while to have our first child. I went through 4 doctors and multiple answers. Within 2 weeks of seeing Saleh, we had our answers on what was wrong. We had to do IVF. My body was not responding like it should to the meds but Saleh kept at it. He adjusted accordingly. We made it through retrieval & we transferred our embryos. I am now pregnant with our first baby. I believe Dr Saleh is one of the best in the state of Texas. God truly blessed us with him as our doctor. Don’t even second guess it. Come see him if you’re struggling. He will give you the answers you need. Plus his staff is downright amazing. All of the nurses are wonderful and answered my many questions & always have smiles on their faces. When they found out I was pregnant they were as thrilled as we were. And the embryologist is amazing and took great care of our embryos. Do not hesitate. Come see him, I promise you. ..you will not regret it!!!!


Aubrey Skinner

Dr. Saleh and his staff have been amazing and attentive throughout our entire experience. He always has a positive attitude but helps you to understand risks and possible outcomes. His nurses are wonderful to work with, especially Heather. We would fully recommend SIRM to anyone looking for fertility help.


Trang Vuong

We fully recommend SIRM to anyone looking for fertility help. Dr. Saleh and his staff have been amazing throughout our entire journey. He always positive and helps you to understand everything you need to know. His nurses are wonderful to work with as well.


Kate P

Dr. Saleh and his staff were outstanding!!! I couldn’t have gone to a better doctor for our fertility needs!! On our 2nd attempt we got pregnant!! The staff were always there for us and so pleasant and so helpful!!! I recommend Dr. Saleh and his staff to anyone having fertility issues.


Sarah Ruth Arden

We highly recommend Dr. Saleh! He is such a kind, knowledgeable and professional doctor. We could not have been happier with the care we received from all his staff. Everyone was so helpful to answer any questions we had and very caring throughout our treatments and surgeries. They truly became like family and I am so pleased to now be pregnant! With Dr. Saleh I always knew I was receiving the very best of care.



I had the best experience here. Dr. Saleh was awesome and Nurse Lisa was there for me every step of the way all my questions was answered. We are now expecting twins. Thanks for helping our family grow. This was a “Dream
Come true”. I feel blessed and iam so lucky that i found Dr. Saleh. Dr. Saleh is fantastic doctor. If i would have to give 1000 stars, that wont be enough..! He is such an amazing Doctor. whoever go to him for treatment wil never be dissappointed. He has some magic in his hands. I once again thanks SIRM-Dallas. I highly recommend this Clinic.


Zoey J.

We would like to express exactly how much we appreciate, Dr. Walid Saleh and his dedicated Nurse, Heather. Especially, Heather she has been very diligent in our situation. When we have a question, she gets back with you immediately. There is no replacement for Heather, she is on top of her game and is a great asset to SIRM. Dr. Saleh couldn’t ask for a better right hand and that’s Heather. The entire office is in fact very, nice and helpful. Dr. Saleh is very down to earth and actually has a conversation with his clients. Hands down, they have made our experience less frightening. Heather, has great work-ethics, and a wealth of knowledge, that is rare these days.


Vanessa Colman

Dr. Saleh and his team were a blessing for us. They were all so kind and attentive, especially Lisa- bless her heart. Dr. Saleh himself was so positive and thoroughly explained everything to us in an easy and understandable way. He was honest and extremely positive with every interaction. l bombarded their team with so many questions and concerns. Yet, they were patient and never made me feel like a bother the entire time. We are now expecting twins and couldn’t be happier that our family dreams are coming true. Many thanks to all of you, your work is not in vain!


Amanda G

I absolutely recommend Dr. Saleh and his staff. I started my IVF journey 5 yrs ago with another Dr. I liked my Dr but after 2 failed cycles I decided to look elsewhere. After meeting Dr Saleh I had a great feeling. He explained things where we could easily understand them. He was always professional and caring. All of the staff was very friendly & my nurse Lisa was amazing. She was always available to answer all of my questions and openly honest when she needed to be. We got pregnant 1st cycle which ended in miscarriage. We tried again a few months later which ended in a successful pregnancy!!!!! I had my healthy baby boy April 15th, 2018. We are set to try again with Dr Saleh next month for baby #2.


Anne Holmes

1st Round = SUCCESS!! From our first appointment, Dr. Saleh and his staff were our extended family. When TTC, the emotional toll it takes can be taxing, but having a medical team behind you and genuinely cheering for your success is so overwhelmingly comforting. I can not recall one occasion I was unable to reach their staff members or get answers to my questions. Everyone from the front office staff, billing, nurses, embryologists, phlebotomists and of course Dr. Sorry aleh were nothing short of absolutely amazing!!

Dr. Saleh is so funny, but he his very serious about creating families. He thoroughly explained our options, the plan for success and personally called us to communicate results quickly. Appointment scheduling was flexible and accommodating. The medication instructions were easy to follow and the pharmacy orders shipped straight to door (so easy!) We honestly do not have a single negative feedback experience. Our baby is due 9/29 and we couldn’t be more excited!!! Thanks To Our Family at SIRM.


Lauren Glover

The only regret I have about going to the Sher Fertility Institute is not going sooner. If you are on a fertility journey then you understand the value of seeing the same nurse, everyone knowing your name, and everyone knowing your case. I was never made to feel like I had too many questions, and I was encouraged to email any questions about medication or timing as needed.

Very thankful to have just heard the heartbeat today, and am so thankful for the experience I have had with these wonderful people.


Jackie Marshall

Dr. Saleh is everything you could want in a doctor of any kind – but especially for something as scary and disheartening as infertility. My husband and I believe that the first “miracle” in our story was being referred to Dr. Saleh. We had a positive outcome in the first round of IVF against very poor odds, but even if that had not been the case I would be writing this review. He was so kind, positive and thorough from the first meeting on. Nurse Heather and the rest of the staff were so helpful and caring as well. I highly recommend this practice.



Dr. Saleh and his staff were friendly, helpful and supportive. They make you feel so comfortable and provide such a wonder and professional experience. I will highly recommend Dr. Saleh’s office for the best fertility treatment. Thank you so much for making our dream come true.


Asif Najmuddin

Amazing physician, amazing nursing and ancillary staff. Amazing care overall. Dr. Saleh is an ideal blend of wealth of knowledge, excellent bedside manners and utmost procedural skills. Have really been blessed to have a doctor like him.


Patti Mecklin

I’m writing this review for my daughter in law. I went with her to every appointment she had at the Sher Institute.
Dr Saleh was amazing! He explained everything very clearly, was very supportive and warm. We spent about 6 months trying to get pregnant. We ended up with twins! We couldn’t be happier.
The entire staff was fun, supportive and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you Dr Saleh and staff for making this a wonderful experience


Nejibe Jabir

Dr. Saleh’s rich experience, knowledge, ethics and confidence… beyond my words, he is amazing.
I want to express my sincere appreciation for Dr. Saleh behalf of my family. All the process from beginning to end become clear, Thank you very much Dr. Saleh!!!
Lisa, our nurse is very nice and helpful in explaining how to take the medicine prescribed; I am very thankful and happy to care for us when we need you.
Excellent staff, everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful.
I would highly recommend Dr. Saleh, the Sher Institute Dallas.



After suffering from infertility for years and been through two different doctors, I finally found the best one. Dr. Saleh is very professional and honest with his medical opinion. He is very knowledgable and takes enough time to draw pictures to explain. I found him very easy to talk to. He actually listens to you and tries to accommodate your needs. He provides individualized care to each patient. Whole process was very smooth and stress free for us. More importantly, I had several failed IUIs and IVFs from other doctors, but Dr. Saleh did a magic!
Nurse Heather is always encouraging and very professional. I always got the answers I needed in timely manner. Karen was very considerate and personable. All other staffs are very kind and sweet. My husband and I had great experience here. I would definitely recommend Dr. Saleh his his staffs!


Ed World

Such a wonderful Facility. The Doctors and Staff are very Professional. This was our first time using a Fertility Doctor and were very nervous about the whole thing. Everyone made us feel at home. We are happy to report that we were able to have our First Child and are beyond Blessed. Thank you Sher Institute!!


U. S.Jenkins

After months of research and prayers on the best Dr to meet, I stumbled on SIRM DALLAS. Of course read reviews online and decided to book and appointment, the front desk staff was really nice on the phone, answered all my questions and finally met with Dr Saleh and boy was I glad I did!
Dr Saleh really isn’t just knowledgeable in the field but his personality and bedside manners actually did rub on all the staff and lest I forget he got steady hands!
I had two nurses ( Lisa and Heather) who were always helpful and attentive not forgetting the phlebotomists who did a great job whenever it was draw day.
Karen the financial person was really understanding and lastly my first babysitters (the embryologists) Stephanie and Naphateria, they did an awesome job with my embryos.
Thank you all so much.


Seema Bhat Patel

I had gone to two IVF clinics with 4 failed transfers prior to meeting with Dr Saleh and been trying to get pregnant for 2 1/2 years. When I met with Dr Saleh he was very kind and listened to my concerns of what I thought was wrong instead of brushing them off like the other clinics did. When we adjusted the protocol to what I specifically needed, I got pregnant! I now have a beautiful healthy baby boy because of this clinic and am so grateful for their care. Lisa, my nurse, was also great and very responsive and empathetic towards any concerns I had. She would respond back to me quickly. Thank you Dr Saleh!.


Brenda Bee

If it wasn’t for Dr. Saleh and his staff I wouldn’t have this beautiful blessing in my arms. Nurse Heather was amazing! She always responded super quick didn’t matter if it was calls or emails, she even responded while she was on vacation! All the staff were just overall amazing. I will definitely recommend them to everyone. Everything went smooth and was always informed on what was going on.


Monique Roland

Dr. Saleh is a Godsend! His level of expertise is unmatched and he knows his profession very well. After a few heartbreaks, I looked him up and I was impressed by the rave reviews and high success rates and he did not disappoint. His specific plan for me was mini- ivf ( which saved us a ton of money). His amazing nurses helped me every step of the way above and beyond, even providing me with sample meds ( which also saved me alot of money). My 2 embryos survived, and now I have a beautiful baby boy and girl! I thank him every night in my prayers for making my family complete. God bless and good luck to all!


Christina King

My husband and I underwent infertility for many years before finding Dr. Saleh. However, it was not the typical infertility most people think. We could get pregnant but would lose the baby over and over. 3 fertility specialists told us we were a “medical mystery” and one even told us we would never be able to carry a baby on our own. This completely broke us. But, we continued on and did a ton of research for doctors all across the country. We started reading about immunology related issues. We FINALLY found Dr. Saleh through the Sher institute (now CRE) and of course it was during a world pandemic! From our first telehealth visit, we felt confident Dr. Saleh knew what he was doing and had a good game plan for us. Even though our first frozen embryo transfer failed, our second one took and we recently graduated from his care (totally bitter sweet – we would love to stay with him the whole 9 months lol). Dr. Saleh is there every step of the way and he is incredibly jovial and warm hearted. You just know he cares for his patients on a personal level, you’re not just another number walking through the door. Also, can’t forget to mention that the whole clinic is equally amazing and caring. From Karen in the finance department (who tells you every detail in writing up front), to the MAs, to my amazing nurse Heather … I felt loved every step of the way! Heather was supperrrrr responsive to all my emails no matter how anxious I was. She worked extra hard to make sure my appointments jived well with my work schedule, which took away a huge chunk of stress. We feel so fortunate to have found this clinic and highly recommend them!!


Mykell Kimball

About me: I’ve done 3 IUIs and 1 IVF FET during 2020. My first FET was successful! After 2 miscarriages (pre-Sher) and 4 years of infertility, I’m finally pregnant!

ALL the staff are amazing, kind, patient, and know their stuff.
You will be given a breakdown of prices and they’ll look into what your insurance covers so you know about what to expect before you begin IVF.
The usual waiting room time in my experience was about 10 minutes, and only twice did I have to wait longer than 20 minutes (I was in the office 30 times, so that’s not bad at all!).
There’s an after-hours nurse on call, which is amazing! Even more amazing is that they take me seriously and treat me with kindness even when I call with a silly question.
They won’t push unnecessary tests and procedures on you. They usually wait until you have a failed transfer or two before recommending testing above and beyond the usual basic stuff. This is what most fertility doctors do, and it’s good unless you’re like me and want ALL the blood tests done before your first transfer so you’re not finding out you have some rare problem after a couple failed transfers. I’m willing to pay for additional testing for peace of mind, and I really appreciated that once I let my nurse know she was 100% on board with letting me get additional testing. She also let me know that one of the tests I was wanting was so rare that I decided to save my money and not do it.

Overall great experience and I’ll definitely be going back when we’re ready for a second child!


Danny Sessums

Dr. Saleh in his office we’re absolutely God sent to our family. This is long overdue review. We have worked with Dr. Saleh and his office for 5 years and been able to have a blessing with them multiple times. With with many obstacles along the way Dr. Saleh still left no stone unturned. The staff is comforting knowledgeable flexible and understanding and most of all compassionate. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Dr. Saleh will go above and beyond to make your dream of becoming a parent to the best of his ability..And I highly recommend this office.


D Holbert

Dr.Saleh and his staff are amazing, knowledgeable and very compassionate. From the beginning Dr.Saleh and his staff were very transparent with options available, next steps in the process and reminded us that they were there for us, this type of support really helped make the process easier. Dr.Saleh took the time on several occasions to listen to my concerns and provide me with useful feedback or just reassurance that I was on the right track and making progress. I would definitely recommend others to them. Thank you CRE TEAM!


Mais Algebary

I Highly recommend Dr.Saleh and his team. Dr.Saleh is so friendly and knowledgable, he gives so much time to his patients, and he would explain all the process in details. His team is so great too! The nurse Heather is so nice, she explain the steps very clearly and always respond quickly to my emails and calls even during the weekend. The whole team made the process less stressful and they were supportive all the time.


Destiny Kyles

Dr. Waleh and his nurse Lisa are absolutely wonderful. They’re experienced and very knowledgeable in the process. The entire staff made this process so easy. My husband and I were fortunate to conceive during the first cycle. I credit a lot of it to them.
Please reach out to them. They truly care and are very responsive. Dr. Waleh is very involved in the process, he uses a hands on approach.


Sherry Patterson

I cannot express how awesome of an experience I’ve had with this outstanding doctor and his team. Hands down, Dr Saleh is one of the most thorough, smart, sensitive and caring doctors I’ve ever encountered! He and his staff literally are there for you, holding your hand the entire way through your fertility journey. I didn’t have any referrals, just did extreme homework on the internet and found a GEM! I am SO glad that I did! At the very first appointment, he was so direct, but kind, and thorough about the steps I needed to take. He wrote everything down, even drew pictures showing the processes and steps that would need to be taken in my situation. I was so hesitant for maybe a year, until this year 2021 I finally said, it’s time. When I came into the office to start up the plan this past Feb 2021, he said “Welcome back, are we now ready to have a baby?” I couldn’t do anything but smile! I knew I was in great hands…I am almost 12wks pregnant via micro IVF, on the first try! When I say this was the most amazing medical experience, it is! I hated to have graduated from his services after the 6wk mark. All of the staff are so nice. From the front desk, to the embryologist..they ALL ROCK!! I never post publicly about anything, especially my personal life, but I must give props where they are due. THANK YOU DR SALEH!!


Brittany Hunemuller

Dr. Saleh and his entire staff are amazing!! We have been successful very early with two pregnancies all thanks to Dr.Saleh and his staff. They are so knowledgeable, caring and supportive throughout the entire process! Cannot recommend enough!


Rosa Gonzalez

From the moment my husband and I sat down with Dr. Saleh, we knew he was the choice for us. He listened to our story and understood every concern of ours. He had taken the time to review our chart from the previous fertility doctor and knew what correct steps needed to be done. Dr. Saleh and his entire staff were compassionate and patient from start to finish. Heather was my nurse and she always answered my calls or emails without making me feel like a burden, even after hours. Since April 2017 my husband and I have been praying for our miracle and with the help of Dr. Saleh, we are now expecting a baby girl in Dec 2021! Our story is a true miracle.


Deaira chapman

Aside from being extremely knowledgeable and a great human, Dr. Saleh is an excellent Physician. He is a caring and consummate professional. I highly recommend him and his wonderful team to anyone pursing fertility treatment. My nurse, the MA, and office team were always so friendly and helpful. Always quick to respond to my questions or concerns. Every visit to the office was a true delight. Under Dr. Saleh’s care I was able to conceive after my first cycle! I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be more thankful for the precious gift of life Dr. Saleh and his team afforded me. I am looking forward to seeing my little girl move around next week at my 16 week check in. I am eternally grateful.


Linda Mowl

We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Saleh and the whole staff. IVF is a daunting process, but Dr. Saleh made us very comfortable from our first meeting. Nurses and staff were amazing as well. They made the process easy and we are very happy with our result. Currently pregnant with our first and we intend to use CRE again for our second. I would highly recommend.


Navitha Naidu

Dr.Saleh and my nurse Heather are incredible people with amazing skill of gifting this beautiful experience. My Son is 3months old now and i couldn’t ask for more , i waited for this gift for 4yrs and feel so blessed. Thanks to these super humans for making this happen!


Katherine Dickens

Dr. Stephen Collins is not only an amazingly talented physician and scientist, he is a tremendously compassionate human being. I had a very difficult IVF case and he worked tirelessly to find a solution for me. The fertility journey is a rough one and he literally made some very heartbreaking moments somehow lighter with his warmth and mission to leave no stone unturned as he helps you find the path to your baby. I am now pregnant and he called me personally to congratulate me. Dr. Collins is literally one of the most compassionate people I have ever met and a brilliant doctor which is a very winning combo in IVF. If you have to walk the challenging road that is any level of fertility treatment, you want to walk it with Dr. Collins leading the way.



Dr. Saleh and his team has been amazing. They are very knowledgeable and knows the problem with every patient. We would definitely recommend anyone looking for a fertility treatment to Dr.Saleh for his vast experience and knowledge . One of the best doctors I have met and lucky/blessed to meet him.



Dr. Saleh and his team has been amazing. They are very knowledgeable and knows the problem with every patient. We would definitely recommend anyone looking for a fertility treatment to Dr.Saleh for his vast experience and knowledge . One of the best doctors I have met and lucky/blessed to meet him.


Jennifer Sessums

Dr. Saleh and the entire staff were wonderful to work with! Dr. Saleh is welcoming, knowledgeable and understands the emotional side of infertility. Because of him and his team, my dream of being a mother is coming true!


Felicia Alva

Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Saleh and his wonderful team!! At my first appointment with Dr. Saleh, he was very attentive and took the time to “think out loud” as he reviewed my case and prior IVF cycle from another facility. I feel like he did not just assign me a protocol and send me on my way to the nurses, he really looked at my history and listened to my concerns and wants, and he was able to customize a plan for me. He completed all my ultrasounds, retrievals and transfers and personally called me after my miscarriage and chemical pregnancy. He did not run any unnecessary tests, only those he felt were needed as we went along, and they DID prove to be helpful. Through Dr. Saleh I was able to have implantation 3 out of 3 times. The first 2 did not stick, but the final 3rd did and I am now 17 weeks pregnant today. I have never been pregnant prior to going to Dr. Saleh so I really wish I would have went to him a long time ago. Besides Dr. Saleh, his staff is incredible. From the front desk, to the girls who drew my bloodwork, to the amazing nurses Lisa and Heather, I felt so welcomed and comfortable. Nurse Lisa was my main nurse and I give her 5 stars as well! She never once made me feel like I was bugging her to much, and I tell you I would email her all the time with random questions. She always answered my emails within 3 hours! I never had a problem reaching their office through phone or email, or issues with scheduling appointments that fit my schedule. They are even there on Sundays if your protocol calls for a Sunday retrieval! And the very few times I had billing discrepancies, I would ask for clarification and the billing team would respond right away with a resolution. I love Dr. Saleh’s team and was both happy and sad when I graduated from there. Thank you Dr. Saleh & Team for giving me this chance to be a mother to a baby girl coming due in a few months. Oh and shout out to the embryologist for caring for my embryos and always explaining everything to me before each transfer on how they thawed, expanded, their grading, etc. Keep an eye on my frozen ones for me ;)



Dr. Saleh is an exceptional Physician and extremely knowledgeable. He always addressed my concerns with professionalism and honesty, putting my mind at ease and allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in my plan of care. I don’t mind driving all the way from Aubrey to Dallas for every appointment. Their response to any questions via email or phone is quick (I was very impressed).

I HIGHLY recommend him and his wonderful team to anyone pursuing fertility treatment. (Trust me… After trying at other fertility clinics and going for several failed rounds of IVF and IUI’s, I was so fortunate to have found this clinic in Nov 2021) I am finally pregnant and forever grateful.

***Heard the little ones heart beat for the first time 🙏🏾 ***

Thank you, Dr Walid Saleh and my amazing nurse Heather J, RN (Clinical Nurse Manager)

NB: The Office interior has been upgraded (It has a relaxing/calming feeling)

I wish I could give them 10 STARS


Kenny Nguyen

We are forever grateful for Dr. Saleh and his staff. Infertility is a difficult obstacle to overcome but Dr. Saleh never gave up. Upon our first meeting with him I felt very comfortable. He discussed all of our options and never pushed us towards anything we were not ready for. We are now pregnant with our miracle baby girl! We are so thankful for Dr. Saleh and his support staff. They are all amazing!


porntip chaiprawatwong

Dr Saleh and his staff is so professional from day 1 until graduation. They are so sweet and very helpful.
Dr. Saleh was so great to work with during the IVF process. Every time we go in and Dr. Saleh passes us he will always smile and ask us how we are doing. But most of all he gave us so much encouragement throughout the IVF process. This made everything much easier for us. Dr. Saleh will give recommendations and give us detail on why he recommend it. We also work with one of Dr. Saleh nurses Heather. She was so thorough with the IVF process. If you are like me I love to ask so much questions. Even though some may not be a IVF question. Lol But no worries because Heather will answer them and walk us through the whole process. She great to work with as well. Overall, I will highly recommend Dr. Saleh and his team to anybody that is looking to have a baby. Thank you so much for everything that the CRE team has done for us.


Lea Mendez

Over the past 3 years we have been going to Dr. Saleh. They have taken really good care of us and helped us figure out what was going on in our infertility journey. I felt comfortable at their office from day 1 with him and his staff (particularly lisa and Danielle!). We were blessed with a baby boy in 2020 and have a girl on the way due in October. Our path to becoming parents was not easy as we faced setbacks even trying to conceive baby #2 but we are so grateful Dr. Saleh stuck with us.


Valerie Hernandez

I am forever grateful to Dr. Saleh for helping us make our dream come true. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced doctor. He knows exactly what each person needs as every case is different. The nurses and staff are also very nice people. Any person struggling with infertility I will always recommend going to Dr. Saleh.



Dr.Saleh is well experienced Fertility specialist and its been a great joy to know him. It is very easy to reach him over the email and response is very quick. I have been referred by my friend and happily I would refer Dr.Saleh to my friends too.


Heather Herrera

I want to start by saying that the entire staff was so amazing and caring in assisting us with getting pregnant! Dr. Saleh made out dreams come true. Every visit we felt so comfortable. He really explained everything to us with care and compassion! We are now 8 weeks pregnant!!!!! Thank you Dr.Saleh and staff!


nazila nazifi

I would highly recommend Dr. Collins and his staff to anyone seeking fertility assistance. Dr. Collins is very compassionate, knowledgeable of the current research, he is honest about expectations, and he truly cares about his patients. I had success on my 1st IVF cycle and I’m currently 8 weeks pregnant! Also, Kacie was my nurse and she was very caring and really good at answering my phone calls and emails promptly. Lastly, the office and staff were very helpful and understanding as well. We’re truly grateful and appreciative of Dr. Collins and his staff and if all goes well, we’ll definitely be back for the second pregnancy attempt. ❤️❤️❤️



Dr. Saleh was our last resort. After 6 years of infertility and going to 2 other fertility clinics my husband and I had no answers for our early miscarriages or our difficulty falling pregnant. We were reluctant to try IVF because no one could tell us what was wrong. The only cause I could think of was autoimmune even though all my labs were normal. So I Googled tirelessly trying to find some place in the area that practiced immunology and found Dr. Saleh. I also saw a PCP at the time who had luck with him also so I thought it was fate! He has been the only doctor who even talked about a possible cause before suggesting IVF. He tested my NK cells which were high so we finally had some type of explanation. We ended up doing IVF with intralipid therapy and now I’m pregnant and further along than I have ever been. We know nothing is a guarantee and we still have a long road ahead of us but God does very special work through Dr. Saleh. We’ll always be so grateful and appreciative to him and the wonderful people at this practice.


Brittany Reinhart

Dr. Saleh and everyone we have worked with in his office have been wonderful. Dr. Saleh gave us realistic expectations for IVF, explained the statistics and the entire process in a straightforward and easy to understand way, and is such a positive and encouraging presence during visits. The nurses and admin staff answer questions quickly which is very comforting when something is stressing you out. We had a successful first IVF embryo transfer and we will absolutely go back to SIRM if we decide to try for another baby.

Update 3 years later: we have been working with Dr. Saleh and his staff again to have our second child, we had some difficulty for a while but Sr. Saleh worked diligently to figure out what was going on and we found success! I would still recommend his clinic to anyone struggling to grow their family.


Arulanandam VS

We strongly recommend CRE if you are in your fertility journey.
We felt like that finally we landed in safe hands, Dr. Saleh and team.
Any questions/concerns were addressed almost immediately.
Thanks to Kacie for your impressive response.
Every instruction/information provided to us was firm and perfect.
Finally everything went through fine in the 1st attempt.

Thanks Dr Saleh and everyone in CRE.



I failed over and over again at two other facilities. Then I went to see Dr. Collins and found success after our very first transfer. I highly recommend this practice for several reasons. They answer the phone when you call, the staff is very professional, they are kind and considerate, I’ve never had to wait an extended period of time in the waiting room, and most importantly they have communication skills. I’ve never had difficulty contacting my nurse or doctor. Another important thing to know is that this practice is one of the rare practices that applies the immunology aspect of the specialty. For some reason most places ignore this part and don’t even run blood tests to check anything. This could cause you years of struggles. These people are great so give them a call!


Rachel Echols

Such a wonderful office. Kind, gentle, and very clear! Luckily got pregnant through our first transfer! Very thankful for Dr. Saleh, Maria, and all the other nurses that painstakingly did my blood draws. Thank you all so much!!!


Leah Esther Margolies

The staff at CRE is truly exceptional. Dr. Collins is the most incredible Doctor I’ve ever had. He is so kind, compassionate, patient, and a calming presence. He truly cares about his patients and will walk them through whatever it is they are going through and explain each step and answer every question thoroughly with patience and understanding. I’ve never had a medical experience quiet like I had at CRE. I felt so taken care of. I highly recommend CRE and Dr. Collins!! They are the best of the best.



Dr. Saleh and his team at CRE were really great! He and our nurse, Heather, have helped us with our fertility issues and made our IVF procedure at ease with successful outcome. The journey of our infertility was very difficult and stressful. We had many attempts to find solutions to this issue from other fertility centers but had no luck. Then we found out about CRE and the positive reviews about Dr. Saleh. He explained everything very thoroughly and we were able to understand all of the procedures that were done at CRE. My husband and I were very grateful to have Dr. Saleh since we had a positive outcome after trying for a baby for 3 years. We couldn’t have made it this far without his excellent service and knowledge. We highly recommend him and everyone else at CRE.


Kathryn Pruett

We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Collins at CRE. He is very kind, patient, and makes medical procedures easy to understand. He was sympathetic and willing to take the time to answer our questions and explain things for us. While sometimes you can feel like just another patient with doctors, that’s not how it was with Dr. Collins. We felt like we had his undivided attention and concern during consults and appointments.
In addition, the office staff at CRE has been great. They are wonderful to work with in regards to scheduling, labs, and requesting paperwork and itemized receipts. I highly recommend Dr. Collins and CRE to those who are trying to find a doctor to help them in their journey to grow their family.


Kalee Vandegrift

Best decision we made to see Dr. Saleh and team. We are so grateful for Dr. Saleh, and cannot recommend him enough. Dr. Saleh is amazing at walking your through each step in a clear and easy to understand manner, which also helped my husband and I be on the same page. He only does what is necessary and does not push ahead before it’s time. Dr. Saleh is extremely knowledgeable and at the top of what he does. He is good with communication and responsive to questions. We always felt very cared for, supported, encouraged and in very good hands with Dr. Saleh and his team.


Sean Gans

If you are looking for the best of the best, CRE is it!! My wife and I had the nothing shy of a perfect experience with this company. Doctors and staff are professional, kind and have outstanding bedside manor. We worked with Dr. Stephen Collins. Amazing man!! Helped my wife and I dream come true. Thank you Dr. Collins!! We will be back!!


Sandhya Deviprasad

Dr.Stephen collins and your staff especially Ms Maria provide the best care. You’re at the top of the game and always made my family and I feel safe and at ease in every way. Doctors and staff are professional. We worked with Dr. Stephen Collins. Wonderful God man!! Helped us to dream come true.


Xin Wang

Dr Collins is the best doctor I have ever met! He is super knowledgable and gives all advice based on scientific research facts and data. He keeps up with cutting edge treatments, research and makes the best decision for each case. He explains everything to a perfect amount, I tend to worry a lot when it comes to medical treatments, Dr. Collins always calms me down with his precise explanation and sharp observation. On top of being the most knowledgeable and skilled doctor, Dr. Collins is always super nice and caring. He replies to emails even at nights or during the weekends. On top of all these he cares about his patients in all aspects. I wish I met Dr. Collins earlier in my life. I’m really grateful that we have him in the DFW area, in my opinion, he is absolutely the best and I would recommend anyone who’s seeking to infertility help, especially if you have a tricky situation like me, please come to Dr. Collins!


Anna S

I came to them through my PCP to help me resolve an ongoing issue that my obgyn failed to take seriously. I can honestly say that the entire office is very kind. Communication is by far the best I have received from any healthcare provider. I have received the upmost empathy, care, and respect from everyone I have met at this office. CRE has my full trust and I can only expect the best from them. Apart from my issue, I’m excited to start the journey for baby #2 with them.


Theresa Jackson

Dr. Collins is AMAZING! We moved to Texas earlier this year, but prior to our move we were already working with a Fertility Specialist in Florida. We didn’t think our experience in Florida was bad, but MY LORD did it become overshadowed by the GLORIOUS experience we had with Dr. Collins and the staff. Our nurse was fantastic and even the MAs that did my bloodwork each time was a pleasant to talk to. Dr. Collins is kind and compassionate. We appreciate his knowledge and honest opinions. After almost 3 years of trying to conceive and multiple failed attempts, we are now 6 weeks pregnant after our 1st IVF cycle. My only complaint is that Dr. Collins can’t be our physician for the rest of our journey. But we appreciate all he and the staff has done for us. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Collins to anyone seeking fertility assistance.


Bre Amajoyi

DR. COLLINS is the BEST doctor that I’ve ever encountered. He is so patient and caring. He’s also a researcher so he will tell you the odds/numbers on any question that you may have based off experience and also statistics if you want him to. My husband and I went through IVF and we were successful the first time!!!! Everyone involved was amazing. From the nurses Mrs. Heather and Cassie, to the embryologist, everyone involved was amazing. I just want to say thank you for making my dreams a REALITY. I don’t want to see another doctor, I wish that Dr. Collins was my OB as well as my PCP. In a perfect world he would be lol. If you’re researching doctors and who’s a good fit, you will not regret choosing Dr. Collins! He’s the absolute BEST!! Anytime we needed him, we could call/text him directly. And he even called us to deliver the GREAT news!!! He’s the best! Very gentle, caring, and a scholar! He’s like our family. We’ve built such a strong relationship with him and I can’t imagine not crossing paths with him. I’m so grateful to have met him and his team at CRE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Melike Emre

Dr. Saleh is one of the best doctors I have ever seen in my life. He helps his patients a lot. He informs them as if they are his own relatives and explains everything down to the last detail. My husband and I are very happy to have met him. I recommend Dr.Saleh wholeheartedly to everyone. Many thanks to you and your team.


Karla Rodgers

This place deserves 5 stars for professionalism, dedication to their patients and phenomenal customer service!!!! Dr. Walid Saleh is by far the best doctor I’ve ever had when it comes down to fertility. He provided treatment as if I was his own daughter. Due to his care my husband and I welcomed our 1st child into this world 🌎 on March 31st. Bless this clinic and the staff that focus on truly making dreams come true!!!


Amanda Bowmer

Dr. Saleh and his entire team are incredible! I have been a difficult case, but I can finally say I am pregnant with a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat all thanks to Dr. Saleh and his team. He has never given up on me, never made me feel “broken”, and has always been so positive and encouraging. He is caring, determined, knowledgeable, and treats his patients like people and not just another number. One small thing that stuck out to me was that he remember I was a teacher and specifically asked how my classes were going. He has so many patients, but he took the time to remember that detail and take interest in me. I have trusted Dr. Saleh with my care and I will always recommend him to anyone. My nurse, Heather, is also absolutely amazing. She responds to my many many emails quickly and with kindness. IVF is such a long and draining process. I can’t imagine doing this without Dr. Saleh and Heather! Thank you both for everything you do.


Austin Hallonquist

Five stars is not a high enough rating for Dr. Collins and the staff at CRE. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over 8 years. We had worked with another IVF clinic for over 3 of those years and had several embryo transfers that continued to result in first term miscarriages. We pursued ALL the possible testing that the doctor at that clinic suggested and we could never figure out why I could get pregnant but not stay pregnant. The doctor at that clinic decided there was nothing wrong and to continue attempting transfers. My husband suggested we look into finding a new doctor at a different clinic. I did my research and found CRE and Dr. Collins. From the beginning starting with our first visit which was a consultation, I knew we had made the right decision picking Dr. Collins. He LISTENED to our fertility journey and really focused on the details of our story. Before our consultation he had reviewed ALL of my paperwork from my previous clinic and was well versed in all of our procedures and previous tests we had already completed. He sat down with my husband and I and really listened and brainstormed and discussed paths we could take. Our previous doctor said we were fine and should proceed with another transfer. Dr. Collins suggested we proceed with two additional tests because I seemed to be a good candidate for them. One of the procedures was a biopsy of my uterus and a relatively new test that was still in the clinical trials of the medication used to resolve inflammation of the uterus. I tested positive for inflammation of the uterus from endometriosis. Dr. Collins believed this could be the cause of my four miscarriages. We treated the inflammation with a medication for 60 days and proceeded with a transfer. I became pregnant and made it past the first trimester which had never happened before. That pregnancy led to the birth of our son who is now 6 weeks old. We could not have gotten him here without the help of Dr. Collins. We appreciate Dr. Collins and the fact that he stays up to date with his fertility research and procedures and understands that medicine is always making improvements.

I love the fact that Dr. Collins doesn’t have an ounce of an ego like so many specialist do. He is very down to earth, patient, and easy to talk to. He would call or email me anytime we needed to communicate. I also was able to initiate direct communication with him anytime I had a question. Dr. Collins’ office and staff works like a well oiled machine. They are always prompt and thorough. I loved his nurse Kacie who was very thorough as well. At every visit, Dr. Collins was the person doing my ultrasounds and all my procedures which did not happen at my past clinic. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Collins more. He was essential in helping me finally become a mom.


Brandy G

Typically I’m so hesitant with doctors and I have horrible experiences. Dr Collins is in a category of his own. He truly cares about the person sitting in front of him. You can tell him your entire journey even if it doesn’t relate to how he can help and yet he listens to ever single word. I’ve only done first consultation but I can already tell you that this is the place to be if you are having trouble conceiving. I’ll update my review if there is any success.


Nneoma Azubuike

We will be having our first baby this year thanks to the assistance from Dr. Saleh and his great team! CRE is an impressive facility with a welcoming environment and a great customer service. The whole team at CRE, including Dr. Saleh and our assigned nurses, Heather and Kacie, made our IVF journey stress free. They are professional, knowledgeable, caring and responsive. We were impressed by the efforts they put in to follow up with us after our visits to the facility, especially to ensure our meds arrived from the pharmacies on time. Meeting our needs was their priority. We never felt alone during the process. We couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals and we look forward to working with them again!


Kenzie B

Dr. Saleh was so kind, compassionate & knowledgeable.
I went into my first appointment a nervous wreck, prepared to hear the worst, but Dr. Saleh was so kind and sympathetic and reassured me throughout the entire process.
I highly recommend him and his team to anyone pursuing fertility treatment.


Julie Doan

Dr. Collins and the entire staff at CRE deserve more than 5 stars for everything they did to help my husband and I grow to a family of 3! From the minute I met Dr. Collins I knew we were in great hands. He was very upfront and detailed about the entire IUI process, he listened and explained everything to my husband and I, and we could tell he genuinely wanted to help us. He was also helpful in the scheduling because I am a 1st grade teacher and getting off to get to all of the appointments is not easy, the entire staff worked with us to make it all work. We are currently 9 weeks pregnant and have graduated from CRE but we would have loved to stay and be monitored by Dr. Collins the entire pregnancy hahah.

Overall, we highly recommend CRE and Dr. Collins to anyone who may be struggling with infertility. They truly are the best of the best and thanks to them, we are soon to be parents, truly a dream come true! Thank you Dr. Collins!!


Naphatsaran Hackett

I had a bad experience with the previous fertility doctor from another clinic. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Collins and his entire team. He is passionate, knowledgeable, punctual, and very kind. Lisa, our nurse, is very responsive and helpful.


Jessica Melton

I had been meaning to do this for awhile now. You see I am excited to say I’m officially 23 weeks pregnant today because of Dr. Saleh and his amazing team. My husband and I have been trying for many years, we tried six rounds of medicated cycles with Dr. Saleh they were all unsuccessful. I just wasn’t ready for IVF. Then when I was ready so was Dr. Saleh and his team. They walked us through each step with such ease. Made the process easier than I could ever dream. His nurse Maria was so kind, and answered all of my crazy questions.
I really do appreciate each of them. They will forever be the reason I was able to get pregnant and stay that way. Thank you guys again.
-Zach and Jessica Melton


Tristen Arrington

I write this review with my tears in my eyes. I cannot express how thankful we are for Dr. Saleh and his team! I am officially 12 1/2 weeks pregnant and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!! My nurse Maria was on stand by for my every question and concern. Never once did I feel alone during this stressful process. I would recommend anyone who might be looking for a fertility solution to visit Dr. Saleh. He literally changed my life!! Before him I went to another fertility clinic where I felt discriminated against due to the color of my skin. When I walked into my visits at CRE I always felt liked they genuinely cared for me and most importantly I knew I was in great hands! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Saleh, Maria, every endocrinologist that helped, and to the entire team. You guys are angels. I will forever love you all.


Emelie Karlsson

I want to give 5 stars to Elizabeth who has been incredibly helpful with our insurance claims. She was on our side the entire time and worked very hard to help us when our insurance originally denied us coverage.


Lipton Russ

Dr. Saleh is an absolutely amazing provider. We had two unsuccessful transfers at another fertility clinic. All fertility tests came back perfect, so they were baffled as to why we couldn’t maintain pregnancy. Once we met with Dr. Saleh, he halted all transfers until he could figure out a diagnosis. He ran only necessary testing that hadn’t already been performed, until he figured out our rare diagnosis. Once he had established our diagnosis, he made a plan. Our first transfer with Dr. Saleh was a success! We are currently having 6weeks embryo with a heart beat growing naturally in uterus now. We cannot thank Dr. Saleh, his nurses after God , and the staff at CRE enough for their amazing care!


Lindsay Coker

I am so thankful for Dr. Saleh and his team. I brought my first baby girl home in March of 2022 and will be bringing her home a sibling in 2024. Both thanks to Dr. Saleh. His bedside manner is wonderful and he is very straightforward. He was also open to my suggestions on my care and never dismissed my ideas. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing fertility treatment.


Christy Gibson

Dr. Collins is an incredible, kind and empathetic doctor. We went to him to get a second opinion after I was told I needed a costly surgery to get pregnant. Dr. Collins eased our minds and gave us hope! In our first consult, he listened intently, explained the process and answered all our questions patiently. I never felt that my appointments were rushed. He would respond to my emails the same day. I felt like a VIP patient! No surgery was needed and after only 8 months of seeing Dr. Collins and Dr. Saleh, we are now expecting! Our infertility journey took almost 3 years and my only regret is how long it took us to find this practice and seek help from specialists like Dr. Collins and Dr. Saleh. I had the pleasure of working with both doctors and both are caring and really good at what they do.

I highly recommend CRE to anyone who is struggling with getting pregnant. They will hold your hand every step of the way and help make this difficult process much less stressful. Thank you, CRE!


Caroline Dozortsev

Dr. Collins was a referral through my OB and from the first sit down meeting to “graduation”, we were blown away by Dr. Collins, Miss Lisa and the entire staff–nurses drawing blood, Christina and team at the front. Always kind and a positive presence which I feel is important when going through an infertility journey.

We had success with Dr. Collins and team. We are continuing our care through them as they house or embryos! I cannot say enough great things–fast responses, clear communication, willingness to answer all questions and lots of honesty. I never felt misled and always felt genuinely cared for. Thank you Dr. Collins, Lisa and CRE!


Monica Kitt

I’ve legitimately never had a doctor like Dr. Collins – he caught something on a sono that my previous OB had ignored for years, despite my concerns, and I needed surgery.

A few weeks after surgery with my new OB, he showed up in my inbox to check in on how surgery had gone. To say I was shocked at the initiative was a massive understatement, and he and his office went above and beyond in helping me (and squishing in an urgent friend referral as well!)

Even after “graduating” out of his practice months ago, he’s continued to reach out to check on my progress.

Seriously, he’s the best! (And shout out to the office staff, who were responsive, understanding, and still upbeat despite the sensitive nature of the practice!)


siyoeun hok

Hi, this review is to thanks to Dr. Collins, Nurse Heather, and the rest of team and also to help others who are seeking the best facility for the IVF treatment to make a home completed. Everyone in the facility is very helpful. Dr. Collins is very professional and kind. All the question is answered by phones or emails, I never felt left out. The wait time is not very far from scheduled time or there were almost no waiting even when it is crowded. It is amazing how the doctor and associates manage to take care off all the patients with caring manner. Cost of the treatment is reasonable.
And we are blessed to have come to this place and met Dr. Collins and Nurse Heather.


Esha Chouhan

CRE is an amazing institution – the whole team here is phenomenal. I was lucky to have Dr Collins as my doctor and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. Dr Collins is extremely professional, understanding, patient, has excellent bedside manners, very knowledgeable with lots of experience,explains every single questions and items in an easy manner and makes sure that his patients are comfortable no matter what. The office staff and the nurse team is very accommodating, responsive and promptly circles back with emails and call – they make sure that the patient is being taken care of all the time. Never have I ever felt neglected or ignored throughout my time with CRE and I always felt comfortable & at ease. Highly recommend Dr Collins and Team CRE.


Laurel Fitzgerald

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Collins and his entire staff. We went to him after having a few miscarriages and issues related to those miscarriages. He was amazing and a breath of fresh air. Being an extremely type A person, I truly appreciated him taking the time to sit down, outline all options, next steps and essentially create a checklist of things for me. He and his staff were extremely patient with all of my questions and were generous enough to see me more than necessary as we progressed!
We are now 7 months pregnant and Dr. Collins still checks in.


tomi tayo

I cannot thank Dr Saleh and Nurse Heather enough for helping us through our journey. Probably the best Dr I have worked with, very inquisitive, lends a listening ear, transparent and straight forward. About to have our miracle baby and we can’t thank this team enough.


Charesse Collins

Dr. Collins and his team are amazing!! The office staff and nurses are all so pleasant. At every visit we were greeted with a smile. It felt as if we became friends by the time our fertility journey with Dr. Collins ended.

Dr. Collins is a great doctor to work with. He always made sure that I knew and understood exactly what was going on. He made himself available to answer any and all of my questions, even outside of my scheduled appointments. Working with Dr. Collins took away any fear I may have had coming into my fertility journey. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the successful fertility journey we at CRE.


Shardae Ellis

I’m so thankful to Dr.Saleh and his nurse Heather for the guidance and care they provided throughout our journey. Right from our very first appointment we felt so comfortable and knew we were in the right place. Dr.Saleh is compassionate and was very patient in answering all our questions throughout the process. Dr.Saleh is the BEST and we were so blessed and fortunate to have found him. As predicted by Dr.Saleh, we were able to get pregnant in the first IVF cycle. Nurse Heather and team were amazing and was very responsive even during the weekends. I highly recommend Dr.Saleh and his entire team to anyone pursuing fertility treatment.