Patient Spotlight: Misty and Jennifer

Everyone assumes having children will be effortless when they are ready to undertake the endeavor. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for a good portion of families. Blissful baby dreams are replaced by heartache and disappointment. When my wife and I started our baby journey we naively thought it would be simple, we were wrong. Countless IUI’s turned the corner into IVF. Two retrieval’s and Three transfers later still no bundle of joy. On a Vegas level gamble we switched to a lesser known procedure known as Reciprocal IVF where my wife would carry my genetic embryos. The gamble paid off. At the age of 40 we retrieved my eggs and we had our first daughter one transfer later. Two years pass and we decide to extend our family. We decide on transferring two embryos including the last one from all my wife’s failed cycles. Nothing short of a miracle both babies were born happy and healthy. We never imagined creating life would have been this difficult but we wouldn’t change a thing. Without the amazing and knowledgeable staff at CRE none of this would be possible. The world would be without three beautiful smiles.