Cynthia and Jason worked with Dr. Walid Saleh and the team at CRE (previously SIRM-Dallas)to help their dream of parenthood become a reality. The couple just recently had a little baby boy, Colby. The couple wanted to share the news of their little one’s arrival, as well as bring him by the clinic to meet everyone.

The couple also wanted us to share their story of hope with our community to help inspire others. CRE is always grateful for the gratitude of those that we help, as it inspires us (in the same way Cynthia and Jason want to inspire other couples) to keep working our hardest to help the dreams of other parents come true.

“Hi Dr Saleh,

We want to share the great News of our precious miracle and healthy baby boy Colby, born on Sunday. We will forever be thankful with Dr. Saleh, Lisa and all the staff at CRE for helping us and giving us hope, our little rainbow is finally here!

We will be visiting my parents this coming week in CRE and I was wondering if Dr. Saleh will be there Monday so we can bring Colby for you guys to meet him. Thank you so much and see you soon

P.S: please share this picture on your FB page to inspire other couples to continue fighting for their miracle.

The happiest parents, Cynthia and Jason Sparks”